//ok I am on the brink of a semi hiatus when it comes to this blog so yeah idk

wallflowerbeatlesfan :( let’s start a support group


ok but consider this

1. stop startin shit w ppl on tumblr for no reason
2. wash your ass
3. get a plant
4. listen to smooth jazz
5. chill
6. keep chillin
7. dont ever stop chillin

//wow im such a selfish piece of shit…

//im stressing out over stupid things that do not matter at all and gettin hit by a bus sounds great right about now


yeah…I’m a classic rock fan…ever heard of the Beatles? doubt it…they’re prob too old for you….pop music sucks…who is Katy Kerry? idk…ok…I’m gonna listen to guns n roses greatest hits on my iPod….woaaaaah……..sweet child o mine….classic song….uve never heard it….



guys who rarely wear suits look at least 385% hotter when wearing a suit while guys who usually wear suits look 451% hotter when wearing casual clothes trust me this is science


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if this post gets ten thousand notes every world government will be replaced by birds. help us achieve world peace. reblog if you have a heart.

//why is everyone in my family so racist like what the fuck

//I just realized that I only have like four irl friends that I regularly talk to wow that’s really sad