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Jane’s eyes lit up at the notion. That comment, and coming from such a handsome man, had made her day. “Oh? Well, thank you, Mr. Harrison. So, boys. Shall we get down to business?”

  George grinned when he noticing she was beaming, so far his attempt to pull at her wasn’t futile. George exchanged glances with his band mates, then nodded to Jane “Ah yes we agree Mrs. Asher.” 

Jane nodded in agreement, smiling coyly in an attempt to seem more alluring. She liked this Mr. Harrison. He was kind and witty; a combination which was very rare among boys her age. She was usually surrounded by stuck up, pretentious showmen. George’s personality was a nice change. “I’m afraid it’s just Miss Asher, sir. Not married quite yet.”

When she corrected him about her title he realized his misstep in speech. He had mistakenly called her Mrs. but thinking quickly he played it off. “Ah but not if I have anything to say about it,” he added, cueing  the rest of the Beatles to chuckle collectively at his boldness. 

Once again, Jane’s cheeks flushed, and she allowed herself to let out a light chuckle. His brashness had pleasantly surprised her— god, he was goodlooking. Polite, funny, well-rounded… what didn’t he have? “What do you have to say about it, Mr. Harrison?”

Requested: Mick Jagger flirts with Jane and Paul gets more than a little jealous


Warnings: Foul language, mentions of intoxication, mentions of sexual innuendo kind of, gendered slurs

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Beatles, or Mick Jagger, or Jane Asher. If I did I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing this fan fiction on this godforsaken website. Also, halfway through writing this I just stopped giving any fucks about this, and this  will inevitably become very clear to you.

One would never guess just how angry Paul was right then and there- unless you knew him, in which case you would know to stay the fuck away from him. His eyes carried their usual amount of innocence and attractiveness and dashingness- the one that made people trust him; made them feel a false sense of security. Those eyes got him all the girls. Those eyes were what had gotten him that bitch in the first place. 

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I don’t give a shit what this article say, I will never stop seducing men by bellowing at them with my megaphone


I don’t give a shit what this article say, I will never stop seducing men by bellowing at them with my megaphone

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Never forget


Never forget

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what the fuck do you mean a Fall Out Boy song title is only one word long by Panic! At The Disco

i’m so tired rn and i have a cold but i’m in the mood to just like stare at my jim morrison poster, watch friends, and write y’know


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